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large-format printer Large-format printing is a rapidly growing field.  Applications for large-format printing include art reproduction, sign printing, billboards, textile printing, and even interior decoration, especially in commercial settings like fast food and retail.  Another relatively new usage is vinyl wraps for vehicles.  These new applications are creating demands for new and innovative types of printing.

Within the last few years, affordable large-format inkjet printers have brought this technology to the masses with many being used in office environments for presentations, spreadsheets, and other needs.  Medium to large-format printers are also being used at home.  These inkjet and laser printers typically accommodate standard size paper formats such as ANSI B (11 inches by 17 inches) or super B (13 inches by 19 inches).

large-format printing mechanism Slightly larger printers, known as wide-format printers or plotters, use rolls of paper often 36 to 60 inches wide.  These are often used for maps and posters as well as engineering, landscape, and architectural drawings.

Digital solvent style printers are used extensively for photographic uses.  They allow high resolution printing on non-coated media.  These printers have been coming down in price rapidly and have opened up new options for businesses looking for high quality in-house output.

UV-curable ink printing is one of the fastest growing areas of large format printing.  These inks allow printing on just about any format including vinyl.  Large-format vinyl printing is changing the way advertising is being done.  Vehicles are increasingly being used to advertise their company's wares as well as even public transportation busses being used as moving billboards.  Other areas of growth are fabric printing, cardboard boxes, and other non-traditional media printing.

Large-format printers are standard fixtures in many design, photo, and advertising studios, and features several resources for prospective printer buyers.  Included on this site are lists of selected large-format printer manufacturers and printing service providers.

Large-Format Printer Manufacturers

Large-Format Printing Services

  • Staples Copy & Print
    Custom printing and copying services are available at many Staples locations.
  • Fedex Copying and Printing
    Online and mobile printing services are available through Fedex Office.
  • The UPS Store
    Professional printing services are available at The UPS Store locations.

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